How soon can I expect to get the NBox? Do you provide Tracking #?
     We use USPS service, and it may take 3 days to reach your home. We will provide tracking # by email.

What is the max capacity of external HDD that can support for this device?
    I believe there is no size limitation. I also tried it by myself, 16GB SD Card, then 16GB USB Drive, then 750GB USB External Hard Drive, they all work fine with NBOX player.

Can I return it if it's defective?
     Yes, you can. We have carefully inspected all products. If you found any issue, we provides NBox exchange/return within 14 days of item's receipt.

     In the unlikely event that a return is requested for an exchange or a repair, all returns must include: All original items undamaged. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs incurred shipping products back.

How to resume play a movie?
    During the movie play, press the red power button on the remote controller to shut down NBox. Next time when you open NBox, the movie would resume automatically from where it stopped.

Power ligh is always on, is that ok?
    Yes, that's fine. That means it's connected to the wall outlet.

The color on screen doesn't look correct when I first connect NBox to my TV, how to resolve it?
    That's because you need to adjust the TV Video Output. Just use the NBox remote controller, press the Video Output key, until you see the correct color.

I still have other questions
    Please contact us by email, and we will provide answer as quick as we could: NBoxPlayer@gmail.com. Due to limited resource, we only answer questions to customers who bought our products or potential customers. If you bought NBOX from other sellers, please ask your seller.